Engaging our differences

March 9, 2007

They say that our youth are a lost generation
That they do not possess the humanity of previous generations
But if you know like I know and see the hope in their eyes
If you’ve traveled the world and heard their cries
You would find that our youth are soldiers for humanity
From Ryan’s Wells to Craig’s Free Kids
Our youth have answered the call to engage our differences
From African advocates of aids like Olivia Natukunda
To peer educators like Miguel Garcia
Our youth daily deliver deeds of dignity
They demonstrate courage in the face of adversity
They fight for access to day care and universities
They add hope to our subtracted faith and disparities
And through their multiple deeds they erase our divisions
See our youth are on a mission
To heal a world so callously cut with the knife of indifference
Punched with the fist of intolerance
Kicked with the heal of homophobia
Suffocated with the gas of anti-Semitism
Shot with the rifle of racism
Subdued to submission with sexism
And smacked with the backhand of classism
But with all these withered wounds our youth thrive
They heal their hurt, help build homes and save lives
They feed the famished and wage verbal wars for peace
With an idealism many of us have lamentably lost
They make our future brighter by lighting a fire
Under our complacency
And so we celebrate Jackie Blitz and Andrew Vanstee
The late Mattie Stepanek and Selene Biffi
For reminding us all to never stop fighting for change
And showing us that peace and justice
Must always be our one and only aim

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