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Oprah! Hate of the term “nigga” is NOT generational!

September 25, 2009

This is in response to a conversation Jay-Z & Oprah had about the word “nigga” (or “N-word”) on her show.

While I am fans of both Jay-Z and Oprah, I am so sick of people saying the “N-word” is generational. I’m 33. I’m a rapper , motivational speaker, and diversity educator. Most of my black friends hate the n-word and none of my non-black friends use it. Furthermore, most of the teens I speak to across the country are still uncomfortable with it. To say it’s generational is a cop out. As much as I really love Oprah, I’ve noticed that, even though she disagrees with the “n-word” in rap, all the rappers she has ever had on the show still use the term. Will Smith was there as an actor so I don’t count that. It’s easy to believe that my generation has embraced the term because no one wants to give us positive rappers a shot in the spotlight. We can’t get record deals, and can’t get on shows from Oprah to O’Reilly, etc. We’re making music kids can listen to, but most of us are balancing making music versus working a 9-5, living with our parents even though we have our own families, and some have given up on being positive and have gone back to selling drugs to get by.

I believe the whole movement for clean music was a lie. Us clean, non-“n-word” using artists are alive and kicking but you’d never know it when you turn on the radio or TV. We have been the ones practicing what Oprah has preached and we have been staunch defenders of Oprah in her hip-hop wars. I feel like it was all in vein. Don’t know if we’ve lost yet, but we’re definitely losing. All we want is a shot, and I don’t mean with a gun.

September 15, 2009

Testing Ping one more time!

September 15, 2009

Testing out this program to let me post to multiple servers. Here we go!

Why it’s pathetic to shield our kids from Obama’s education speech

September 5, 2009