Can’t Obama at least win the Nobel Prize without haters?!

Post asserts that, even though there are reasons to wonder how President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, we should be happy another American won it. His detractors want to say it was political, but were happy when the political decision was made for the U.S. not to get the Olympics. This is just another example of how many in America don’t want Obama having any victory, no matter how small or large. Every Nobel decision is political. Why all the complaining now? Because Obama won. Let it go people!

2 Responses to “Can’t Obama at least win the Nobel Prize without haters?!”

  1. Brenda Says:

    Yeah! Now I feel more like an American than I have ever felt. The playing field is becoming “even”. When down on the playing field you learn certain things, but when you get up on the playing field you never forget the things that you learned when you were down. I believe that one law of science is that everything that is up must come down to level the playing field.

    I thank God for using President Obama. You have to have love in your heart for him to use you. Much love to you President Obama.

  2. Z System Says:

    I think the reason why people are not happy Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize is because they identify it as an Orwellian lie used by European elitists to manipulate the dumb downed people in order to usher in their version of world Fabian Socialism. I mean come on, Obama is the commander and chief of the largest and most deadly army in history. On top of that, not even two weeks before accepting the award, he announced a dramatic increase of troops to Afghanistan. The so-called peacemaker is marching us right into World War III with Iran and Russia.

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