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November 3, 2009

Les Brown is having his coaching call “How To Tell Your Story” tonight 8:30 ET, 5:50 PT  712-432-9106  pin 623383.  It is a free call and you are all welcome!


Women on Obama’s basketball court?

November 3, 2009

Post asserts that this is a ridiculous argument to have. The the concept of the old boys network is real, it is not the case here. I’m more concerned and happy with seeing a woman as Secretary of State, as was the case with the last 3 administrations, than worrying about who Obama enters the gym with. I’m more concerned with issues such as equal pay for women, which Obama supports and signed a law making it possible for women to sue for it. I am 150% for equal rights, but I believe some arguments weaken the debate of the day and this is one of them. Will we ask next how many women he plays with? Are they on his team or against him? On that note, how many Asians and Latinos does he play with? Again, I’m happier to see a Latina Supreme Court Justice than a gym-mate. We all should be. We will have a woman president in the next 1-3 elections and I can’t wait to see it. While the struggle for equal rights is far from over for women, this basketball debate sets the cause back. Lastly, if women do get on the court, it’s all good but I am also the married father of 2 girls. Trust me, guy time is important whenever you can get it! The ball’s in your court. What do you think?

November 3, 2009

“If we mean to have heroes, statesman, and philosophers, we should have learned women.” Abigail Adams

November 2, 2009

“You have to admit that most women who have done something with their lives have been disliked by almost everyone.” Francoise Gilot

Quote of the day

November 1, 2009

“Cowards falter, but danger is often overcome by those who dare.” Queen Elizabeth

Obama’s effect on this black man and many others!

November 1, 2009

CNN iReport: “Obama’s effect on this black man and many others!:

Post looks at Obama’s effect not only on me, but on many of my students. Across the country, I speak to Black men with a limited vision of what they can be. As Jay-Z said, the day Obama one, the gangster became less relevant and that’s real. Kids in my school were coming in with Obama shirts and not Tupac and Biggie shirts. That’s a great step forward. Obama has helped me as a father as well as expanded my possibilities of what I believe I can become if I choose. I have no more boundaries and many of our youth believe that now too! I am also happy that he has called out black fathers and he needs to keep that going! Rock on Mr. President!

I am one of them

November 1, 2009

Post speaks about how the book “Say you’re one of them” resonated with me as a Congolese and also living, working, or performing in 9 other African countries, including Benin. Having worked in Congolese refugee camps, meeting family members who died on the same day I met them, I had great reason to stay depressed. The perseverance and hope of the people I met and fell in love with taught me the importance of believing in the possibility of a better tomorrow. This book not only speaks to the real plight of many of us on the continent. It also speaks to the hope and perseverance of the African child in particular. These are lessons and stories we should all learn from and hold dear. Lastly, it’s a reminder that we must always stay active in the lives of our children not only locally but globally as well.