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Speeches no longer work in the Divided States of America

January 28, 2010

Video post asserts that while it was important for Obama to lay out his successes, ultimately Americans are at a point where speeches just won’t work. Furthermore, given that the Republican Party is only committed to being against Obama, the President needs to focus on going forward with his agenda and leaving a legacy of true change. He has made great strides in the area of hate crimes legislation, education, and tax cuts, but that is irrelevant to Republicans. He needs to continue to show leadership where the republicans just show immaturity. Congratulations to President Obama on his first year. At some point my hope is the Republicans will develop some level of objectivity and realize that we’re all in this together.

Haiti, We Will Rebuild (a poem)

January 25, 2010

Why are so many masses of my countrymen no longer alive?
Why did I survive?
Why didn’t I perish beneath the rubble?
Why has the pride in my island not crumbled?
Bearing wondrous witness to death & devastation
Birthing bountiful inspiration
For as long as I’m breathing I must keep on believing
Appealing to a higher power to see me through this
For there will never be an answer as to why we went through this
I may not have money but I have arms to hug hope
A rope of resiliency reaching down to my brother
A ladder of love reaching up to my mother
Pour Ayiti je vais reconstruir mon pays
The hope for my country depends on me
With some special assistance from my neighboring countries
I will emerge even stronger, my people more proud
Stormy clouds shall pass et le soleil will shine encore une fois
An earthquake shook my country but not my pride tu vois
An aftershock rocked my home but not my spirit
They say when you’re knocked down to land on your back
For if you can look up you can get up so I’m standing tall
Some buildings may have collapsed but my faith will never fall
My land will rise once again because I chose to get up
To never let up on my people, I was chosen to live up
So watch me rise like the phoenix from the ashes of despair
Watch my people rebuild like never before
With you and me working side by side
This quake will be a mere tremor with the passage of time
So I say sak passé to a new day dawning
From mourning the dead I’ll give birth to a new morning
A quake clipped my wings but soon again I’ll be soaring!

Are we “Ethiopializing” Haiti?

January 23, 2010

Post asks if we are doing Haiti & Haitians a disservice by continually showing ONLY destruction, dead bodies, and half naked people. As was the case with Ethiopia in the 80s, the average American who knew nothing about the country only had an image of starving kids with big bellies that led some to ignorantly say they were eating too much. Fast forward to Congo and we only think of women being raped and pillaged there. If we continue to not show prideful images of Haitians helping each other as opposed to only begging for aid, we will simply create an image of another sob-story people who cannot survive without assistance from us-their saviors. We need to continue to assist but also make sure we’re looking at Haitians helping Haitians as well as policies that we construct that may be hurting Haitians.

Are all successful black people in the Illuminati?

January 20, 2010

Are claims about Jay-Z being in the Illuminati just an excuse for unsuccessful people to not pursue their own greatness? Isn’t it like saying “he got to this level because of a sworn pact. I won’t sell myself to the devil…thus i will be destined to be where i’m at.”

I don’t hear successful people arguing about this and I don’t hear rumors about guys like Canibus being in the Illuminati given that he’s not as successful. Why does every successful black person have to be in a secret society?

On this MLK Day…

January 18, 2010

Video post speaks to the importance of not only remembering Dr. King’s dream, but also remembering that on a daily basis, we can be a voice for peace and civility in the smallest ways possible. We’re all not going to win a Nobel Peace Prize, but it does not mean that we shouldn’t act daily to make peace our prize.

Keep Haiti in our minds, not just our hearts (video)

January 18, 2010

Post asserts that though it is crucial that we do all we can to help our Haitian family, it is also important to keep Haiti in mind after the rebuilding is done. As we reconstruct Haiti, we should also look at reconstructing our policies related to Haiti and other impoverished nations, particularly on the African continent. 2 black nations have become household names in the last month because of terrorism and a natural disaster. We should use these events to become more knowledgeable of issues such as discrimination between Haitians living in Florida vs. Cubans. If we don’t become more knowledgeable of issues such as these, or the real reasons for Haiti’s level of destitution (including corrupt leaders), we will just be waiting to give money to the next cause that may have been preventable on the level we’re seeing.

Raise Hope for the Congo (a poem)

January 13, 2010

The world’s richest country now the poorest

A chorus of women’s cries across a corrupted country in demise

International lies hide the truth of our turmoil

Raping our country of our women, tungsten, coltan, and gold

Young girls now a commodity is no longer an oddity

Child soldiers watching bullets and not birds fly over their sky

So we can sit pretty with our play stations, laptops and iPhones

iRoam alone in Africa’s first world war

Starving the country, feeding the globe

Little babies dying so we can have a cell phone and warm home

An x-box, a TV, a computer, a flat screen

Flat lining the dreams of millions of Congolese

Never quite able to control their destiny

Mineral gifts turned to curses

Body bags with no hearses

Babies bouncing from the womb to the tomb in a matter of minutes

But in a minute you can decide to help turn this tide

Raise your voice for the people

Raise hope for the Congo

Turn your cell phone to a microphone and speak knowledge to your college

Tell these computer companies we need conflict free products

Realize you’re a fool if you don’t check the trail of those jewels

Diamonds and gold be the fuels to this fire

How can gold become a cancer?

 I’m looking for an answer

In a land where diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friend

But together with the Congolese we can change this direction

If you decide to raise your conscience and each one teach one

Reach one in your grasp make an army of change

An army of conscious consumers and not soldiers for the same old

Sympathetic solutions for political and profitable prostitution

The true resolution is empowering our women

The center of our land must be made whole once again

The backbone of our nation must be realigned

When our women can stand proud our country we will once again have its spine

The heart of our future lies in our young girls

The pride of our lives lies in our young boys

Congo’s future lies in our hands if you’d just understand

That we’re all in this together

So let’s raise hope and take a stand for our land

G.R.O.W. towards your greatness! (a poem)

January 11, 2010

They say greatness is a choice so what have you chosen?

You’ve been frozen in time and broken in mind

For too long the same song playing in your head

Living in breath but better off dead

But who said you didn’t have the power?

Who said this is not your hour?

You’ve been showered with a steady stream of words that kill your dreams

But it seems that since you’re still living that someone done lied to you

Tried to deny you of your own potential inside you

If you’d just decide to let no one deride you

Don’t even let them get beside you as you unearth the new you

Stop listening to naysayers and decide to do you

No more pity parties, sobbing and boohoos

If no one told you you’re great then let me be the first to

If you have the thirst to drink from faith’s fountain

You’ll develop the might to move mountains

We move tons of dirt to find an ounce of gold

So I ask you to move tons of hurt and find just one ounce of your soul

You’ll be on the path to control your own destiny

Getting out of your own passenger seat and driving your own car

Reaching for the moon but maybe landing among the stars

You have greatness inside you but you must choose to be great

Blaze a path of excellence, leave fear in your wake

All you need is already inside you

Just believe in yourself

G.R.O.W. towards your greatness and discover your true wealth

Let’s REID through the lines on race in America

January 11, 2010

Americans would rather point fingers about race than talk about it directly. As a diversity educator, I encounter people every day who are just not ready to have this dialogue, yet are quick to say that we are post racial now that we have a black president. Most of us still hold stereotypes about other groups but we would never know they are stereotypes until we confront our beliefs. Entire policies from education to law enforcement have been crafted in America based on race and this is still an issue. Furthermore, we know full well that many other politicians have said things behind closed doors about Obama and racism. What most people do now is take a “holier-than-thou” approach when these issues come up and just call for someone’s resignation. We should be calling for dialogue but Americans are too scared to engage in one. I’m ready if you are…

Hey I’m NOT Nigerian! Let me fly!

January 4, 2010

Post looks at the way that this foild terrorism plot is being used as a new way to negtavily stereotype Africans. Doesn’t matter if we’re Nigerian, Congolese, Senegalese, etc. The wolrd still sees as one country. Many media outlets hear the word “Nigerian”, but they’re thinking “African”. The word terrorist can now be added to the African images of war, AIDS, famine, and amputees. As someone who has been to 10 African countries, this is just not the complete picture. This foiled attack was a near tragedy for American, but is already tragic for all Africans as the media has a field day with this attacker. Thanks again…