Way to go Tiger!


Video states that if we truly believe in forgiveness, we should accept what Tiger said and get onn with our lives. He made a huge mistake and is working on himself and his marriage. To continue to hate him is counterproductive and only really reflects a void in our lives. He clearly acknowledged that his celebrity status drew him from his principles and he needs to get back to them. Many of us don’t need celebrity status to go astray. Let’s learn from Tiger’s example and let’s wish his family the best, and then leave them alone! He owes us nothing more. We shouldn’t spend our times believing in people that we don’t know in the first place. Way to go Tiger!


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One Response to “Way to go Tiger!”

  1. Larry D. Says:

    Wow, Now That’s Good Stuff!!! O
    Mr. DYNAMIC Himself
    Larry D.

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