Arab Americans! Why are you celebrating Ms. USA?

Post asserts that the winning of Ms. USA by Lebanese American won’t do much to change perceptions of Arabs in America. Looking at Black America, many non-blacks started listening to rap music. That gave them a  very warped sense of who we are and many started using the n-word and thought it was OK because of what mainly White executives produced. Are Arabs trying to convince America that you can pole dance too? The problem America has is not with Arab women, it’s with Arab men. Is this going to change screening at the airport or other racial profiling? If we want to have a true appreciation of the Arab experience in America, let’s learn about their contributions to medicine, science, math, politics, etc. If we don’t do this, we will just shift the image of Arabs from terrorists to something superficial and both images will hurt them in the long run. Trust me. We’ve been there as a Black people.


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2 Responses to “Arab Americans! Why are you celebrating Ms. USA?”

  1. Arao Says:

    I was surprised that it was being celebrated as well…Personally, I find parading a bunch of women and judging them as solely their looks appalling and disgusting…how about judging them on their character or intellect instead…? But I digress…Pictures of the Lebanese-American in scantily-clad attire is not liberating…pictures of her pole-dancing is not inspirational…it is disgusting, just like it would be disgusting for any self-respecting woman of ANY race. I don’t think this is an appropriate lens for Americans to view women of Arab descent, especially when it is highly sexualized or hyper sexual. I do agree that insight into Arab culture should start with conservations about their contributions to politics, medicine and things that actually MATTER….not something as superficial as Ms. America or something as exploitive as emphasis on her looks or sex appeal. Just my opinion…I am more interested in what she plans to do in the Arab-American community to improve things (socially, culturally, politically, etc) here in America or Lebanon…not interested in her pole-dancing…no thanks. Check out Nour Akkad’s article…I am more interested in Zaha Hadid, Iraqi female architect than this…that is something to aspire to for ALL women…not this nonsense….just an opinion coming from a Ugandan-American…

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