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Mr. Prez, McChrystal or SOMEONE has got to go!

June 22, 2010

The comments of General McChrystal’s staff in the Rolling Stone magazine are outright treacherous and the fact that General McChrystal was in the room for some of them is even worse. There are other comments that were “off the record” as well. I don’t care how much Gen. McChrystal knows about the war. This type of betrayal will cause division at the Pentagon and if President Obama isn’t decisive, he will be made to look even weaker on terrorism than many already make him to be.

American Idol vs. American Education

June 22, 2010

American Idol’s decision to allow 15 year olds to compete is the latest example of how we tell our kids every day that entertainment is more important than education. We critique the school system but no money in them, then we make kids famous off of YouTube hits and shows like Idol. This is a country afterall, that has websites that list the top basketball players…in the 5th grade. Though American Idol is not responsible for the demise of American education, it is just the latest ecample of how we preach one thing to our kids and practice another.

Stop hatin’ on Jaden Smith!

June 22, 2010

Post asserts that it makes no sense that there is so much anger directed towards Jaden Smith. Is he the beneficiary of nepotism? Of course! But is he a good actor? Of course! I don’t see this hate towards Miley Cyrus and others. Furthermore, isn’t it the dream of every parent who loves heir job that their child will follow in their footsteps? There are many other artists who are putting garbage right now in the form of music and movies. Jaden is putting out quality work that other kids including my own can actually watch and that’s a good thing! The only thing I’m hatin’ on is the fact that it’s called the “Karate Kid” but he’s learning Kung Fu!

A tribute to MJ

June 7, 2010

Never cried for one who died I never met
But when I saw your funeral my whole floor got wet
Didn’t know all you did until after you died
But truthfully that ain’t the real reason I cried
Cause back in the thriller days you were like no other
Everybody felt you from sisters to my mother
But all of a sudden you started changin’ color
Seemed on the surface man you were scared to be a brother
I took your lighter tone as a rejection of me
Thought you turned on black people once the fame came see
Then came Lisa Marie and 3 white babies
I was in my black power phase so you drove me crazy
Then the hair then the nose and I was like man
Can you do anything else to reject your fam?
But I had you all wrong, didn’t have to hate ya
Judgin’ off sight alone guess it’s human nature

When the press called you jacko, child poverty you tackled
When they called you a monster, the stage you would conquer
While we were doing you wrong you were singing earth songs
Negro College Fund survived from your contributions
Your face change probably had more to do with your pops
Cause you told Oprah you a proud black man hak
We are the World helped African kids
Heal the World helped children from Maine to Madrid
Ain’t no celebrity done as much as you did
And who am I to judge how you raised your kids
Your daughter said you were the best dad ever
Will my kids say the same when I’m gone forever?
While we celebrated you on MTV
You made sure you got your video to BET
You the last person I judge, your message I hear ya
From now on I’ll focus on the man in the mirror

Guilty until proven ISRAEL?

June 2, 2010

Post asserts that regardless of who is responsible for initiating the violence on these flotillas, the real loser is going to be the United States and its policy towards Israel. Just days before this incident, President Obama declared (once again) that the U.S. bond with Israel is unbreakable. This constant message from every U.S. President tells Israel it can do whatever it wants. President Obama can’t just go speak to the Muslim world in Egypt and come back home and act this way. If the IDF is found to be the aggressor, the U.S. response should be swift and stern. As Amabassdor Peck, who was on one of the flotillas stated: hawkish people are going to continue to behave hawkishly and that is the case with Israel. The Isaraeli government cannot continue to act with impunity and always be looked at as the victim by the U.S. In that region of the world, no one has clean hands. If the U.S. wants true credibility internationally, President Obama needs to get tough on Israel.