Obama took a bold stance on NY mosque (video)


President Obama took a brave stance on the construction of the mosque near Ground Zero. He knows full well that this will give added fuel to the fire of the birthers as well as those who believe he is Muslim. Obama clearly believes in the creed of this country. It’s as if people stopped believing in America becoming as good as its promise. As Jon Stewart said, if we can’t practice our principles when we’re being tested, our principles are not principles. They are hobbies. If we truly believe in the Constitution, we wouldn’t be fighting so hard to bring this country back to the solely the complexion of the people who wrote it.

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One Response to “Obama took a bold stance on NY mosque (video)”

  1. natinanorton Says:

    Excellent post!

    This is not the time for a protest AGAINST religious freedoms just because they don’t mesh with our own. This is the exact reason the First Amendment was created!

    Americans should be supporting OUR First Amendment, embracing this project, and prove to the world that we can be knocked down, but can rise from the ashes with dignity, open-mindedness, and understanding. We will not let fear stand in the way of freedom.

    I wrote my own thoughts on the subject as well. Comments are welcome. 🙂



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