Occupy All Streets (a poem)

Occupy, occupy, occupy 
We the people stand up won’t be pacified 
Take a step back let me testify 
See millions of people wanna test a lie 
That says we need corporations to run our lives 
But the 99 say it’s time to run our lives 
So we gonna take a seat to stand up for the people 
And we ain’t gonna stop til the laws make us equal 
If the government wanna save banks with bailouts 
We gonna kick em out of office, get them the hell out 
We’re creating real change from the bottom up 
So our children have a chance to live better than us 
So we gonna occupy all streets starting with Wall Street 
Takin’ down predators who prey while we all sleep 
So let’s show the world that we’ll have no compromise 
And let the world see the revolution be televised 

If in Egypt they overthrew Mubarak 
We can change leaders too, go beyond the barracks 
No more Qaddafi in Libya 
They can only hold on so long in Syria 
When the people stand up can’t no one stop us 
From Congo to Cali we gon’ stop the robbers 
They can pepper spray our students, bloody our soldiers 
We just come back like an avalanche droppin’ boulders 
With the weight of the future resting on our shoulders 
Won’t stop til this corporate culture of greed is over 
Whileschool’s crumbling and the gulf coast getting pummeled 
Billionaire execs livin’ life in a bubble 
Making billions by the day trough tax loops and tradeoffs 
When many should be going the way of Madoff 
Too many layoffs while CEOs made off 
But if we keep fighting we’ll see the payoff 

Finland to Japan upstanders stand 
From the U.K. and Sweden to the Netherlands 
Across U.S. cities we ain’t lookin’ for pity 
We’re lookin’ for a slice of the p-i-e 
Some of us still believe in the American dream 
But now it’s time you really hear Americans scream 
Screaming for laws that protect every body 
And not just those who can afford to lobby 
So we gonna show up in your corporate lobby 
Gonna show up on your golf course disrupt your hobbies 
We real people creating real change for tomorrow 
With human currency that the banks can’t borrow 
You can’t prey on our spirits like you do on our wallets 
The government’s bluffin’, and yeah we just called it 
At the end of the day all we need is us 
So let’s occupy the planet til they listen up!


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