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Why check Muslim’s accounts but not conservatives?

October 14, 2010

It’s hypocritical that in America we can almost go to arms about funding for a mosque but stay silent about funding for elections. More people should be outraged that millions of dollars are being funded on the side to or in support of political candidates and no disclosure is needed. It’s obvious that a terrorist group wouldn’t support our best interests but it should also be obvious that large corporations in and outside of America as well don’t have the best interest of the average American at heart either. Of course these candidates aren’t responsible for 911, but we as Americans should lead by example: full disclosure for everyone receiving money for anything be it educational, religious, corporate, etc. If I along with the rest of us have to disclose our income annually or face penalties, why should these groups be free to get money from wherever they please in secrecy?


O’Donnell & Tea Party: becoming their own worst enemy

September 20, 2010

The recent comments of O’Donnell dabbling and witchcraft in addition to the campaign spending allegations pose a true challenge for the Tea Party: is the party going to stick by its professed values or stick to the candidate it simply likes? If they choose to stick by her no matter what, this will be an act of hypocrisy because the Party would condemn any other non Tea Party-endorsed politician who had these same issues. In continuing to endorse her 100%, the Party becomes as hypocritical as it claims other parties are. As it relates to O’Donnell, she can only play the victim for so long. She cannot duck the media. This will only make the problem worse, particularly in the media culture we live in now. She needs to confront these issues now before they spin out of control. If she continues to stay silent and if the Tea Party shows blind loyalty regardless of her past, they will both lose major credibility both as an organization and a as a politician.

And the violence against Muslims begins (again)…

August 26, 2010

The stabbing of the cab driver because he is Muslim should be disturbing to us but based on what I am reading online, many people are just brushing this off. Others are going back to 911, the WTC bombing, etc. Look, we responded to the attackers of 911. In America, we are not supposed to take out our frustration on individuals in the street. Some are saying this isn’t a hate crime. Based on what we know so far, it is. Furthermore, we’re seeing from other videos that people who are thought to be Muslim are coming close to being attacked. Whether you agree with the mosque or not, you should agree that in this country, we should be able to find better ways to express our discontent. This taxidriver has lived here for over 25 years and said he never felt this insecure. We are doing something wrong in America right now. We don’t even have to worry about what the terrorists will do. We’re too busy figthing each other.

Obama took a bold stance on NY mosque (video)

August 21, 2010

President Obama took a brave stance on the construction of the mosque near Ground Zero. He knows full well that this will give added fuel to the fire of the birthers as well as those who believe he is Muslim. Obama clearly believes in the creed of this country. It’s as if people stopped believing in America becoming as good as its promise. As Jon Stewart said, if we can’t practice our principles when we’re being tested, our principles are not principles. They are hobbies. If we truly believe in the Constitution, we wouldn’t be fighting so hard to bring this country back to the solely the complexion of the people who wrote it.

Tribute Poem to the NSA 2010 theme “Imagine”

July 28, 2010


Imagine a world where speakers were no longer needed

Where corporate revenues were all exceeded

Negative thought processes all defeated

A world where our clients all lived in the black

All children reading on grade level, no child left back

All starfish having a difference made in their lives

Humorists making us all laugh just for fun and not for our own salvation


Imagine a world where the words you uttered

Led to

1 less hate crime

2 fewer sexist sentiments sputtered

3 fewer racist remarks

4 fewer anti-Semites

5 fewer forgotten infants because of our insight


Imagine a world where Lenora’s lectures attained the appreciation for diversity we so crave

Where Patricia Fripp’s elegance was the law of the day

Where Brendon Burchard showed us all how to have meaning in our lives

And our spouses supported all we do like van Hooser’s wife


Well I submit to you that the day will come when what we imagine will be a reality

Because we speakers walk this planet

With the spirit of Robert, Cavett

Living to serve humanity in the humblest of ways

We move forward for we believe we can birth a better day

So we’ve charged ourselves with bringing hope to the world

Speaking words that’ll make a president out of that fearful fifth grade girl

Creating presentations that show corporations

To incorporate the environment in their work like Tim Sanders

We grow forward showing the world the glass is half full

Because Charlie tremendously reminded us that it doesn’t work unless you work it

So we work harder everyday to make our imagination a reality

Until our cup runeth over to all of humanity

We must always go forward with that Ziglar “Gosh” attitude

That Les Brown latitude that Jana Stanfield gratitude

For we are the fearless

And when it comes to the size of our hope we are peerless

So speakers of the world let’s indeed come together

And continue to show the world that if we believe it

The whole planet will see it

Deep down in your gut I know that you feel it

You feel that if we think it, we will be it

If we just…imagine

Ground Zero: No Muslims Allowed?

July 20, 2010

If America is going to be as good as its promise, a mosque should be built near Ground Zero. Some are even calling this a “monument to terrorism.” We cannot act as if it was only White Anglo-Saxon Protestant males who died during 911. There were Muslims, Christians, Jews, blacks, whites, males, females, Latinos, Asians, etc. In earlier times, we couldn’t have a Jewish synagogue in some places or a black church in other places. Granted it wasn’t Jews who attacked us on 911, but it wasn’t all Muslims either. Muslims are integrated in the American fabric. We let the Muslim extremists who attacked us on 911 win if we continue to demonstrate intolerance towards the Muslim community. With the current animosity towards this mosque, a mosque there would be blown up too. We can and should do better, especially if this mosque can serve as a tool to bridge cultural divides, as it professes to.