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Rape games? Murder? Public stripping? What ISN’T art?

March 31, 2010

It seems nowadays that people can get away with anything as long as they all it “artistic expression.” You can strip in public, tongue kiss people (of the same or opposit sex) on family shows, make video games where the end goal is to rape a girl, make a movie where you cut off 3 heads w/the same sword, or put lyrics in a song that even talk about killing and violating other people’s kids. If this is all art, what ISN’T? By default, can’t we then call cutting off hands in Sierra Leone or shoving a rifle inside a woman in Congo and shooting it art? What about the way that child soldier raises and fires a gun half his size? Isn’t that what Jack Nicholson meant in Batman when he said he was a “homicidal artist”? I’m no puritan. I’m not calling for scarlet letters or anything like that. I don’t pretend to have the answer, however, I believe we are going in the wrong direction in this country when we simply call anything and everything artistic, especially when we are involving more of our children by the day. What do you think?


Adam Lambert’s kiss shows what’s wrong with America

November 24, 2009

Post asserts that Lambert’s kiss is just the latest manifestation of what’s wrong with this hyper-sexualized society. This is more of a perental issue than a sexual preference issue. Nowadays, parents can’t even watch TV with their kids anymore because eeverything is about sex. I would have been offended if my kids were looking for Taylor Swift and had to see that. I would’ve been offended if they saw the Britney Spears/Madonna kiss too. Or if it was Halle Berry & Jamie Fox, the point is the same. I’m not talking about movies we pay to go see. Almost everything on TV is soft porn nowadays. If we can have 5 second delays for swears, these things should be delayed too because they ARE planned just as Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” was planned. Just listen to their publicists before the shows. Whether it’s the AMAs, Kim Kardashian sex tapes, or Nelly’s swiping credit cards down women’s behinds, we have puished the envelope too far. For the sake of our kids, it’s time to close the envelope