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Stop hatin’ on Michelle Obama!

August 11, 2010

It’s so sad that we are critiquing the FLOTUS on her trip to Spain. We are grabbing at anything to condemn the Obamas. The people who are condemning her will never give her credit for her plans to lower childhood obesity rates or come to neighborhoods like my own and speak to young girls about the dangers of teen pregnancy. For those saying she should have vacationed in America, where are these other Senators vacationing now? Furthermore, sure the FLOTUS left America but we spend most of our money IN America buying items NOT made here. iPhones & iPads are rapidly selling out of the stores and we’re supposed to be broke. Most cars purchased aren’t made here. In this “recession”, we just saw a movie called “Avatar” become the highest grossing movie ever. It seems like rather than checking Michelle Obama, we should be checking ourselves. We have too many serious issues in American right now to be spending time on this.

Speeches no longer work in the Divided States of America

January 28, 2010

Video post asserts that while it was important for Obama to lay out his successes, ultimately Americans are at a point where speeches just won’t work. Furthermore, given that the Republican Party is only committed to being against Obama, the President needs to focus on going forward with his agenda and leaving a legacy of true change. He has made great strides in the area of hate crimes legislation, education, and tax cuts, but that is irrelevant to Republicans. He needs to continue to show leadership where the republicans just show immaturity. Congratulations to President Obama on his first year. At some point my hope is the Republicans will develop some level of objectivity and realize that we’re all in this together.