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The fall of the Arab Spring

January 15, 2012

Video on CNN:

The beating of Ms. Azza Suleiman in Egypt is just the latest example of how countries “liberated” by the Arab Spring have become as oppressive as their prior regimes and are throwing away a great opportunity at real change.


Egypt: Obama on right track, Americans one-track minded

January 30, 2011

President Obama must continue to act at the presidential level in engaging President Mubarak. We in America cannot be as gullible to just see calls for democracy and immediately harken back to 1700s America in an empathetic gesture. We need to educate ourselves on all of the intracacies of Egyptian politics. As history has shown in places like Congo, just because a student group, rebel group or otherwise uses the name “democracy” it does not mean democracy will exist. While I believe that the movement taking place in Egypt is genuine, it is important that we watch this with our minds and not our hearts. President Obama must continually pressure Mubarak to make sure the people are being protected in this process and if Mubarak cannot accomplish this, he should lose Obama’s support. The rest of us should do our best to support peace in Egypt, but if we don’t want to seriously educate ourselves on the conflict there, we’re better off changing the channel.

Why check Muslim’s accounts but not conservatives?

October 14, 2010

It’s hypocritical that in America we can almost go to arms about funding for a mosque but stay silent about funding for elections. More people should be outraged that millions of dollars are being funded on the side to or in support of political candidates and no disclosure is needed. It’s obvious that a terrorist group wouldn’t support our best interests but it should also be obvious that large corporations in and outside of America as well don’t have the best interest of the average American at heart either. Of course these candidates aren’t responsible for 911, but we as Americans should lead by example: full disclosure for everyone receiving money for anything be it educational, religious, corporate, etc. If I along with the rest of us have to disclose our income annually or face penalties, why should these groups be free to get money from wherever they please in secrecy?

Ground Zero: No Muslims Allowed?

July 20, 2010

If America is going to be as good as its promise, a mosque should be built near Ground Zero. Some are even calling this a “monument to terrorism.” We cannot act as if it was only White Anglo-Saxon Protestant males who died during 911. There were Muslims, Christians, Jews, blacks, whites, males, females, Latinos, Asians, etc. In earlier times, we couldn’t have a Jewish synagogue in some places or a black church in other places. Granted it wasn’t Jews who attacked us on 911, but it wasn’t all Muslims either. Muslims are integrated in the American fabric. We let the Muslim extremists who attacked us on 911 win if we continue to demonstrate intolerance towards the Muslim community. With the current animosity towards this mosque, a mosque there would be blown up too. We can and should do better, especially if this mosque can serve as a tool to bridge cultural divides, as it professes to.

Stop hatin’ on South Park!

April 25, 2010

Hey I’m NOT Nigerian! Let me fly!

January 4, 2010

Post looks at the way that this foild terrorism plot is being used as a new way to negtavily stereotype Africans. Doesn’t matter if we’re Nigerian, Congolese, Senegalese, etc. The wolrd still sees as one country. Many media outlets hear the word “Nigerian”, but they’re thinking “African”. The word terrorist can now be added to the African images of war, AIDS, famine, and amputees. As someone who has been to 10 African countries, this is just not the complete picture. This foiled attack was a near tragedy for American, but is already tragic for all Africans as the media has a field day with this attacker. Thanks again…

Muslims vs. Christians: who’s the bigger terrorist?

November 21, 2009

Post asserts that, as expected, the critique of Major Hassan has turned into a condemnation of Islam. Truthfully & historically speaking though, Christianity & the Bible have been a source of terror for many. Whether it’s the subjugation of women in the American home, the enslavement of Africans, or the destruction of Native Americans, Christianity does not have clean hands. Christianity has served as a force for good for millions of people throughout out history, but we can’t neglect the evil. Islam has also made great contributions to the world, particularly in areas like math and science. The goal of this post is not to compare religious contributions. The goal is to remind us that one person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter. Many reading this will say that the enslavers, for example, weren’t true Christians but will say the 911 hijackers represented true Islam. That’s hypocritical. Every religion has blood on its hands. Less blood will be shed if we stopped condemning each other’s religions and embraced them instead wherever possible.

Ft Hood shooting is more American than Islamic fundamentalism

November 6, 2009

Post believes that while we must continually mourn this tragedy and come together as a country, we must also not make this issue a referendum on Islam, even if we find writings from this man that we deem extremist. Though this was a military tragedy, the way this transpired was more American in nature. From “going postal” in the 80s to Columbine, to the OKC bombing, to Virginia Tech (all crimes not committed by Muslims), this is how a select group of Americans choose to vent their frustrations. If we are going to make this about Islam, let’s have some balance and also look at the Muslim Americans who gave their lives fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan. Colin Powell spoke about seeing American flags on the tombstones of American Islamic soldiers, not the Islamic star & crescent. Let’s condemn the act and not a religion.