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They don’t care about us (a poem on education)

September 20, 2010

They don’t really care, we can’t compare

Educational system should have everyone scared

2010 MJ lyrics still ring true

From what he dropped back in the 1990’s dude

Tired of being the same victim of shame

They still throwin’ me in the class with the bad name?

Special Ed ain’t dead in fact it’s livin’ and  thrivin’

Black and brown kids packed in class like slaves no lyin’

Do they really care when the parents don’t

Do they really even care when society won’t

Hell nah lock em up in the corner of a school

Prepare ‘em for prison life they got same rules

But I’m remixing this song so I can reach out to you

To take a hard look at the kids bein’ lost in our schools

Fail me, sell me, no matter what you tell me

It’s all really lies ‘cause what I really know see

Is I’m tired of seeing my name in the same old books

Next to convicts, slaves, other types of crooks

Didn’t I come from greatness from Martin and Medgar

From Malcolm, Chavez, Mcleod I beg ya

To see me not as I am but as what I could be

I’m more then the ideas that you preconceive

So many strong roots livin’ in my ancestry

But when you look at me you see the branch of a dead tree

I’m tired of being the victim of you

Destroyin’ my self esteem like you love to

I wish you’d really just learn how to teach me

Reach me, preach me, teacher I beseech thee

Don’t label me special less it’s specially gifted

To go and save the world get humanity lifted

I can be great if you see the greatness in me

Just teach me like a prospect and not a suspect please

A tribute to MJ

June 7, 2010

Never cried for one who died I never met
But when I saw your funeral my whole floor got wet
Didn’t know all you did until after you died
But truthfully that ain’t the real reason I cried
Cause back in the thriller days you were like no other
Everybody felt you from sisters to my mother
But all of a sudden you started changin’ color
Seemed on the surface man you were scared to be a brother
I took your lighter tone as a rejection of me
Thought you turned on black people once the fame came see
Then came Lisa Marie and 3 white babies
I was in my black power phase so you drove me crazy
Then the hair then the nose and I was like man
Can you do anything else to reject your fam?
But I had you all wrong, didn’t have to hate ya
Judgin’ off sight alone guess it’s human nature

When the press called you jacko, child poverty you tackled
When they called you a monster, the stage you would conquer
While we were doing you wrong you were singing earth songs
Negro College Fund survived from your contributions
Your face change probably had more to do with your pops
Cause you told Oprah you a proud black man hak
We are the World helped African kids
Heal the World helped children from Maine to Madrid
Ain’t no celebrity done as much as you did
And who am I to judge how you raised your kids
Your daughter said you were the best dad ever
Will my kids say the same when I’m gone forever?
While we celebrated you on MTV
You made sure you got your video to BET
You the last person I judge, your message I hear ya
From now on I’ll focus on the man in the mirror

The lessons we are refusing to learn from Michael Jackson’s death

August 9, 2009

Whether you are a fan of Michael Jackson or not, his life provides a great example of how irresponsible the media has become. Rather than learning lessons from his tragic death, we are using his demise as a tool to drum up more TV ratings in a down economy. Death is something that is supposed to be sacred in every faith, however, some in the media are still speaking of Michael’s case of child molestation…a case he won. Despite his acquittal, people like Bill O’Reilly and Senator Peter King have resorted to calling him a child molester. O’Reilly even refused to call Michael an icon. This is opinion getting in the way of facts but that’s today’s “journalism”. Across the airwaves, new stories emerge everyday about Michael’s money troubles, alleged drug addiction and more. The problem is that we are not learning the lessons of Michael Jackson’s death.

I have not watched every news broadcast, but I have yet to see a special on the dangers of prescription drugs. Prescription drugs are a serious problem particularly affecting our nation’s youth. Why are we not using this as a teachable moment? In the last year, we also lost the great actor Heath Ledger to issues of prescription drugs. We are spending more time re-burying Michael for the purposes of higher ratings, but we could actively be using Michael’s example to save lives. What better way to honor his memory than by doing so? Whether you feel he is worthy of me using the term “honor”, the point is the same. We should use death as a learning tool for the living.

Finally, it is also tragic that the media is still so focused on how he died, that there is no more talk about how he lived. Though there were obviously some questionable practices as it relates to his dealings with some children, Michael Jackson is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most charitable contributions for any musician. From organizations such as the United Negro College Fund to his work worldwide to help children, Michael Jackson used his curse and misogyny free music to help heal the world. Can we say the same? Are we trying to affect change where we are? Are we so consumed about Michael’s faults that we’re forgetting to look at our own?

At the end of the day, it is my hope that Michael’s legacy will be one of giving. He was an agent of world peace and we need more agents. Because of his death, I am recommitted to doing more, where I am, to affect change. I refuse to allow his passing to be in vain. If you believe that he did not set the right example, you should try to set a better one, even if you don’t have the cameras on you. In this day and age where your faults will magnified 100 times more than your good deeds, you should be glad that the cameras are not on you.