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How long will we all be Americans for THIS time?

May 2, 2011


As I see the celebrations taking place over the death of Osama bin Laden, I know tomorrow (if not already) that on both sides of the aisle, the battle for who deserves credit for his death will brew mightily. President Obama mentioned Bush in his speech. Bush said he congratulated Obama. That should be it, but we already see people outside the White House carrying Bush/Cheney signs. Maybe some have Obama signs but I don’t see them. It’s not about that! Both parties could have a president in power and this still could have happened. Let’s give Obama credit for carrying out on the promise made by the American government as we would if McCain was president. Let’s focus on the feeling we have right now and figure out how we can manifest it in our daily lives, especially as we move towards the next election. Congratulations America.

Arab Americans! Why are you celebrating Ms. USA?

May 19, 2010

Post asserts that the winning of Ms. USA by Lebanese American won’t do much to change perceptions of Arabs in America. Looking at Black America, many non-blacks started listening to rap music. That gave them a  very warped sense of who we are and many started using the n-word and thought it was OK because of what mainly White executives produced. Are Arabs trying to convince America that you can pole dance too? The problem America has is not with Arab women, it’s with Arab men. Is this going to change screening at the airport or other racial profiling? If we want to have a true appreciation of the Arab experience in America, let’s learn about their contributions to medicine, science, math, politics, etc. If we don’t do this, we will just shift the image of Arabs from terrorists to something superficial and both images will hurt them in the long run. Trust me. We’ve been there as a Black people.