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Bachmann vs. Palin: no comparison

June 29, 2011


Outside of the fact that they are both women and are both prone to many gaffes, it does not make sense to keep comparing these two women. For example, Michelle Bachmann seems to have no problems talking about issues of race, whether she’s completely on or off. Most republicans including Palin will just invoke Dr. King’s dream in talking about race. Bachman makes comments like “President Obama failed black America.” That’s bold, especially for a party that has little black support. Furthermore, whereas Palin condemned liberal media and only talked to conservative media after several embarrassing interviews, Bachman will talk to anyone who will listen. You will see her on CNN, MSNBC, etc. Though they also share similar political views, these are two very different women who shouldn’t continually be compared simply because they are women.

A warning for Tea Party members coming to DC

August 26, 2010

Bruce Majors’ blog post giving Tea Party members a guide to DC was not racist, although it basically said to avoid black neighborhoods (I DID read the whole post). The post was, however, extremely ignorant, disrespectful, and flat out wrong towards people in my neighborhood (I live on the Green Line) as well as DC’s immigrant community. Please listen in to hear my warning to Tea Party members who are coming to DC. Have a great weekend!

Stop hatin’ on South Park!

April 25, 2010