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Dr. Laura: Are all women shrill? Are all whites racist?

August 21, 2010

Dr. Laura’s ignorant racial (not racist) comments should be a teachable moment for ALL Americans.

Obama’s effect on this black man and many others!

November 1, 2009

CNN iReport: “Obama’s effect on this black man and many others!:

Post looks at Obama’s effect not only on me, but on many of my students. Across the country, I speak to Black men with a limited vision of what they can be. As Jay-Z said, the day Obama one, the gangster became less relevant and that’s real. Kids in my school were coming in with Obama shirts and not Tupac and Biggie shirts. That’s a great step forward. Obama has helped me as a father as well as expanded my possibilities of what I believe I can become if I choose. I have no more boundaries and many of our youth believe that now too! I am also happy that he has called out black fathers and he needs to keep that going! Rock on Mr. President!