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Yo conservatives! All blacks are not on welfare!

January 15, 2012

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Summary: Hermain Cain isn’t the only black person not on welfare! Some republican candidates still express serious stereotypes about black people that will hurt them in a general election

Mitt’s win good for Mormons

January 15, 2012

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Mitt’s Iowa win should put many supporters of other candidates on notice who have trashed him for being Mormon and thus unelectable. Though an Iowa win doesn’t guarantee a nomination (though Clinton County apparently does), candidates should go forward focused on what they are for as opposed to what they’re against.

Newt! Come Clean!

January 15, 2012


All this back and forth about Gingrich’s past marriages is really making him look very arrogant, which never goes over well with voters, especially conservative ones.

Bachmann vs. Palin: no comparison

June 29, 2011


Outside of the fact that they are both women and are both prone to many gaffes, it does not make sense to keep comparing these two women. For example, Michelle Bachmann seems to have no problems talking about issues of race, whether she’s completely on or off. Most republicans including Palin will just invoke Dr. King’s dream in talking about race. Bachman makes comments like “President Obama failed black America.” That’s bold, especially for a party that has little black support. Furthermore, whereas Palin condemned liberal media and only talked to conservative media after several embarrassing interviews, Bachman will talk to anyone who will listen. You will see her on CNN, MSNBC, etc. Though they also share similar political views, these are two very different women who shouldn’t continually be compared simply because they are women.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: we’re on the wrong side of history

December 20, 2010

History has shown us that we have always been on the wrong side of history as it relates to segregation, especially with the military. We said blacks couldn’t serve and we were wrong. We said women couldn’t serve and we were wrong. Now with DADT, we see that we have been wrong again. Our country is stronger when we allow everyone in this country to bring their talents to the table. America has corrected many of its injustices over the years. I am happy with this latest correction that will put us once again on the right side of history.

O’Donnell & Tea Party: becoming their own worst enemy

September 20, 2010

The recent comments of O’Donnell dabbling and witchcraft in addition to the campaign spending allegations pose a true challenge for the Tea Party: is the party going to stick by its professed values or stick to the candidate it simply likes? If they choose to stick by her no matter what, this will be an act of hypocrisy because the Party would condemn any other non Tea Party-endorsed politician who had these same issues. In continuing to endorse her 100%, the Party becomes as hypocritical as it claims other parties are. As it relates to O’Donnell, she can only play the victim for so long. She cannot duck the media. This will only make the problem worse, particularly in the media culture we live in now. She needs to confront these issues now before they spin out of control. If she continues to stay silent and if the Tea Party shows blind loyalty regardless of her past, they will both lose major credibility both as an organization and a as a politician.

Stop hatin’ on Michelle Obama!

August 11, 2010

It’s so sad that we are critiquing the FLOTUS on her trip to Spain. We are grabbing at anything to condemn the Obamas. The people who are condemning her will never give her credit for her plans to lower childhood obesity rates or come to neighborhoods like my own and speak to young girls about the dangers of teen pregnancy. For those saying she should have vacationed in America, where are these other Senators vacationing now? Furthermore, sure the FLOTUS left America but we spend most of our money IN America buying items NOT made here. iPhones & iPads are rapidly selling out of the stores and we’re supposed to be broke. Most cars purchased aren’t made here. In this “recession”, we just saw a movie called “Avatar” become the highest grossing movie ever. It seems like rather than checking Michelle Obama, we should be checking ourselves. We have too many serious issues in American right now to be spending time on this.

Obama! Please don’t make another race speech!

July 21, 2010

Your adminstration has already issued its apology and Ms. Sherod accepted. If this happened under President Clinton or Bush, the media outrage would have stopped at the Secretary of Agriculture. There were many racial incidents during their tenure and they spoke about by them by choice, not by force. Please don’t turn yourself into a Black mammy figure, always consoling the guilty people you work for. We as adults should be able to handle this with the example that you set in your administration. If we can’t then the problem is with us, not you. No more words need to come directly from you on this issue.

Governor McDonnell: wrong AND right on Confederate History Month

April 8, 2010

While I disagree with Gov. McDonnell even creating Confederate History Month (should be “Civil War History Month”), his late decision to acknowledge the importance of slavery during the war period was a step in the right direction. If we are ever going to change this intense, hate-filled political climate that we are in, we need to take politicians at face value when they recogninze a wrong that doesn’t involve breaking the law or violating their oath they took.

Speeches no longer work in the Divided States of America

January 28, 2010

Video post asserts that while it was important for Obama to lay out his successes, ultimately Americans are at a point where speeches just won’t work. Furthermore, given that the Republican Party is only committed to being against Obama, the President needs to focus on going forward with his agenda and leaving a legacy of true change. He has made great strides in the area of hate crimes legislation, education, and tax cuts, but that is irrelevant to Republicans. He needs to continue to show leadership where the republicans just show immaturity. Congratulations to President Obama on his first year. At some point my hope is the Republicans will develop some level of objectivity and realize that we’re all in this together.