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Obama took a bold stance on NY mosque (video)

August 21, 2010

President Obama took a brave stance on the construction of the mosque near Ground Zero. He knows full well that this will give added fuel to the fire of the birthers as well as those who believe he is Muslim. Obama clearly believes in the creed of this country. It’s as if people stopped believing in America becoming as good as its promise. As Jon Stewart said, if we can’t practice our principles when we’re being tested, our principles are not principles. They are hobbies. If we truly believe in the Constitution, we wouldn’t be fighting so hard to bring this country back to the solely the complexion of the people who wrote it.

Dr. Laura: Are all women shrill? Are all whites racist?

August 21, 2010

Dr. Laura’s ignorant racial (not racist) comments should be a teachable moment for ALL Americans.

Who cares about a child rape victim? Tiger Woods is back!

April 8, 2010

Post asserts that we need to spend real time looking at the crises that are happening in our community. We are all upset about this 7-year old rape victim and we should be. But what happens tomorrow? We go right back to gawking over Tiger Woods and Sandra Bullock and the White House party crashers who got a reality show. We have to do better. We have to go beyond calling people thugs and doing stories on “no snitch” for a few days and then going back to celebrity gossip. Just because celebrities make more money than us does not mean we have to give them more attention. The media should spend more time analyzing things like how our educational system contributes to this and how we can help parents who are trying to get their kids on the right track. If mainstream media is just going to become tabloid TV, we need to really re-evaluate why we watch and WHAT we watch in the first place.

Governor McDonnell: wrong AND right on Confederate History Month

April 8, 2010

While I disagree with Gov. McDonnell even creating Confederate History Month (should be “Civil War History Month”), his late decision to acknowledge the importance of slavery during the war period was a step in the right direction. If we are ever going to change this intense, hate-filled political climate that we are in, we need to take politicians at face value when they recogninze a wrong that doesn’t involve breaking the law or violating their oath they took.

Speeches no longer work in the Divided States of America

January 28, 2010

Video post asserts that while it was important for Obama to lay out his successes, ultimately Americans are at a point where speeches just won’t work. Furthermore, given that the Republican Party is only committed to being against Obama, the President needs to focus on going forward with his agenda and leaving a legacy of true change. He has made great strides in the area of hate crimes legislation, education, and tax cuts, but that is irrelevant to Republicans. He needs to continue to show leadership where the republicans just show immaturity. Congratulations to President Obama on his first year. At some point my hope is the Republicans will develop some level of objectivity and realize that we’re all in this together.

On this MLK Day…

January 18, 2010

Video post speaks to the importance of not only remembering Dr. King’s dream, but also remembering that on a daily basis, we can be a voice for peace and civility in the smallest ways possible. We’re all not going to win a Nobel Peace Prize, but it does not mean that we shouldn’t act daily to make peace our prize.

Keep Haiti in our minds, not just our hearts (video)

January 18, 2010

Post asserts that though it is crucial that we do all we can to help our Haitian family, it is also important to keep Haiti in mind after the rebuilding is done. As we reconstruct Haiti, we should also look at reconstructing our policies related to Haiti and other impoverished nations, particularly on the African continent. 2 black nations have become household names in the last month because of terrorism and a natural disaster. We should use these events to become more knowledgeable of issues such as discrimination between Haitians living in Florida vs. Cubans. If we don’t become more knowledgeable of issues such as these, or the real reasons for Haiti’s level of destitution (including corrupt leaders), we will just be waiting to give money to the next cause that may have been preventable on the level we’re seeing.