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Egypt: Obama on right track, Americans one-track minded

January 30, 2011

President Obama must continue to act at the presidential level in engaging President Mubarak. We in America cannot be as gullible to just see calls for democracy and immediately harken back to 1700s America in an empathetic gesture. We need to educate ourselves on all of the intracacies of Egyptian politics. As history has shown in places like Congo, just because a student group, rebel group or otherwise uses the name “democracy” it does not mean democracy will exist. While I believe that the movement taking place in Egypt is genuine, it is important that we watch this with our minds and not our hearts. President Obama must continually pressure Mubarak to make sure the people are being protected in this process and if Mubarak cannot accomplish this, he should lose Obama’s support. The rest of us should do our best to support peace in Egypt, but if we don’t want to seriously educate ourselves on the conflict there, we’re better off changing the channel.