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…And Social Justice For ALL

May 16, 2012

It takes a movement to make masses of minds mold together at the same time

From labor to LGBT rights

And from ACT UP to Civil Rights

The need to prove our humanity has withstood the test of time

From the beginning of time we have occupied all streets

Fighting for the rights of our babies so in peace they can all sleep

Our love of liberty made the Egyptian scarab sing for the Arab spring

Because the time is always right to do right…so said a King

We waged wars of words for Wagner acts

Laboring laboriously for those looking to live off of our backs

And now we gloriously gleam with the light of our freedom

Knowing too many still live in the dark…but we see them

From the classroom to the metro, when we look back in retro

We see human beings who grasped at freedom and wouldn’t let go

Moving as one we make mole hills out of mountains of societal injustice

Knowing in the end that all we have and need is just us

From Ohio to Cairo and from Colombia to Congo

When the people choose to lead, the leaders will follow

It only takes 1% of the people to push for change

But luckily we have the 99% fed up with the game,

Fed up with living in shame,

Fed up with being the blame,

Fed up with being pawns in a big business chess game

So we declare checkmate on corporate kings

Because we know all too well why the caged bird sings

We know all too well what liberation brings

Equality under the law

Whether we believe in Jesus or Allah

Denying equal rights to everyone is humankind’s biggest flaw

But as long as there is inequality there will be we

The seekers of change shining from sea to shining sea

The bringers of rain on the parade of poverty

The ones tired of seeing abuse to democracy

They said “freedom for all” but we knew it was hypocrisy

So we march and declare our rights in the face of adversity

In the face of stoning and lynching we stand proud of our being

Lady Liberty was blindfolded but even now she is seeing

From the U.S. to Uganda, we’re tired of the homophobia

Tired of misplaced anger and xenophobia

Throughout time there was we fighting for humanity

From slavery to genocides, protesting this insanity

From Armenia to the Holocaust, never forgetting

From Rwanda to the Sudan, never accepting

Never complacent when injustice sits adjacent

To our conscience we see the writing of war on the wall and erase it

We believe that peace is possible

That equal rights are plausible

And we will never believe that social justice is optional




May 10, 2010

Southern cries

Northern lies

Western worries

Eastern ties

Sudanly I feel a change on the horizon

2 million souls perished in pursuit of what?

People starved, lands razed in pursuit of what?

Resource riches, political ditches

War criminals, political wins subliminal

With no fear, Bashir hungers hope,

Nightmares dreams

Elections a shame

But as history’s pupils we know there will be change

When our voices are raised and heroism praised

Every dictator knows we will limit their days

Genocide, gendercide, infanticide, tribeacide

To anyone who isn’t on the President’s side

But without violence we will commit presidentcide

Side-by-side with the Sudanese we will stride

Until the day where every Sudanese can hold their heads with pride

Shouting “Not on our watch!” and “Not on our dime!”

We will march, not stride towards destruction’s demise

Until all of Sudan is free to rebuild and to rise

We’ve said “never again” so this will be the last time

No more innocents lost, legal lies, and war crimes

For fear is falling down, allowing our faith and our hope to rise!