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The dangers of a Wyclef presidency

August 6, 2010

While I congratulate Wyclef on his decision to run for President of Haiti, we have to remember that what we may feel in America is good for foreign people may not always be good for them. As someone who has traveled and worked in 17 countries and has studied international affairs, I have seen this to be the case many times over. One need to only look at the Congo, where Mobutu ruled with an iron fist for over 30 years and was a friend to every U.S. President. He was discovered by George Bush senior in 1957. If the Haitian people want Wyclef, more power to him. I am not doubting his qualifications and no one can doubt his passion. I just think that we should not ignore home grown Haitian leadership just because they may be unknown to us. The results can be catastrophic for the people on the ground.

Guilty until proven ISRAEL?

June 2, 2010

Post asserts that regardless of who is responsible for initiating the violence on these flotillas, the real loser is going to be the United States and its policy towards Israel. Just days before this incident, President Obama declared (once again) that the U.S. bond with Israel is unbreakable. This constant message from every U.S. President tells Israel it can do whatever it wants. President Obama can’t just go speak to the Muslim world in Egypt and come back home and act this way. If the IDF is found to be the aggressor, the U.S. response should be swift and stern. As Amabassdor Peck, who was on one of the flotillas stated: hawkish people are going to continue to behave hawkishly and that is the case with Israel. The Isaraeli government cannot continue to act with impunity and always be looked at as the victim by the U.S. In that region of the world, no one has clean hands. If the U.S. wants true credibility internationally, President Obama needs to get tough on Israel.