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February 19, 2012

Video on CNN:

I actually watched the video of the ESPN commentator who was suspended for using the term “chink in the armor.” He should have been given an opportunity to apologize for his mistake. This was not a Don Imus situation but shows what happens in a society that focuses on political correctness instead of teachable moments.

Is the Jeremy Lin story reinforcing Asian & Black stereotypes?

February 19, 2012

Video on CNN:

I love the Jeremy Lin story, but some of the commentaries I’ve seen have me wondering if we’re subtly reinforcing some stereotypes about Asians and Black people. I think the Asian “model minority” myth will be playing out before we know it.

Jeremy Lin’s story should be YOUR story

February 15, 2012

Whether you are a fan of New York Knicks new point guard Jeremy Lin or not, it is important that the lesson of his story not be missed. It has been said that luck is is when preparation meets opportunity. The conversations will rage on as to whether his rise to instant stardom is related to his race or whether he is just the man of the moment and not the year. The fact of the matter is that Lin spent his entire life preparing for this moment and when the moment came he was ready for it. What moment are you preparing for? If your moment came right now, would you be ready? Are you spending more time lamenting over lost opportunities or preparing for the next one? Your moment is coming. Don’t spend your time being so jealous of other people’s light that you end up missing your time to shine. Your moment is coming! Be prepared for the world may be watching!

Don Cornelius, a class act with a lot of soul

February 1, 2012

Video on

Summary: Like many across the globe, I would like to say rest in peace to Don Cornelius. He brought us the best in music in a format that has been often imitated, but never duplicated.

Moved by a Messenger (a poem for Mattie Stepanek)

February 1, 2012

 In a world where violence is the norm of the day

A little boy came our way and he had something to say

Mattie J.T. Stepanek born in 1990

Started writing poetry at the age of 3

A boy who came from humble beginnings

Became friends to Jimmy Carter, Oprah, Larry King

But the fame that came never changed Mattie

Used his popularity to change humanity

And through this entire process he inspired me

I aspire to inspire ‘fore I expire see

So I had to tell the story of the son of Jeni

Never met him though he lived down the street from me

His heart songs spoke to the peace that we long

And he took time to play after every storm

From playing with his Legos he built peace with his vision

And laid the groundwork for us to continue his mission


We need messengers for peace to stop bullying

We need teachers to teach peace in their schooling

Make peace possible, end homophobia

Make our country more accepting no xenophobia

Let’s erase racism, eradicate hate

No room for anti-Semites in United States

No more police brutality

Gangs strive for neutrality

Don’t matter your spirituality

What really matters is morality

Mattie stood up for everyone

All races and religions that live under the sun

If we give peace a chance we make tomorrow better

Cause peace is possible when we’re working together

Mattie truly was an angel and his dream was for peace

He had high hopes and now his dream’s within our reach


Let us pray, differently, yet together

And work every day to make our whole world better

Before there’s no earth, no life, no chance for peace

Sudan, Myanmar, the Middle East

In so many ways, we are the same

Gotta stop picking out our differences to blame

What language do you laugh in? What accent do you cry in?

Mattie marketed unity we need to buy in

If you could just be silent, just for a moment

We can make Mattie’s dream come true if we just own it

Do what you can with what you have where you are

Mattie used poetic license now we’re driving his car

Mattie’s message moved millions but there’s more to do

A new millennium Mattie might reside in you

In 14 years Mattie changed the world and so can you

Become a soldier for peace cause our army needs you