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The Balloon Boy saga is the symptom, not the disease

October 21, 2009

Video post asserts that the real problem in America is the continual rewarding of shameful acts. From Martha Stewart getting back on TV to Michael Vick being offered a reality show and the Octumom getting a show, we continually show that TV is the great equalizer. Until we bring back the culture of shame in America, the Heene family will just be the latest example. Furthermore, if this climate continues, they will still get paid for their story after they get out of prison. Let’s get it together!


Can’t Obama at least win the Nobel Prize without haters?!

October 9, 2009

Post asserts that, even though there are reasons to wonder how President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, we should be happy another American won it. His detractors want to say it was political, but were happy when the political decision was made for the U.S. not to get the Olympics. This is just another example of how many in America don’t want Obama having any victory, no matter how small or large. Every Nobel decision is political. Why all the complaining now? Because Obama won. Let it go people!